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"For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen." Romans 11:36

A Quiz on Biblical Geography

1. Name the river of Israel.

2. The Jordan River connects which 2 seas?

3. Israel is located at the Eastern end of which sea?

4. Israel is a land bridge connecting which 3 continents?

5. Israel is about the size of which of our states?

6. Where is the lowest spot on earth?

7. Give 4 other names for Israel.

8. From where do we get the word “Palestine”?

9. How many air miles is Israel from the United States?

10. What is the capital of Israel?

11. Today, the old city of Jerusalem has what around it?

12. Who built the wall we see today?

13. In which city was God’s Temple built?

14. Name the only part of the Second Temple standing today.

15. How many people does Israel have today?

16. What is on the Temple Mount today?

17. When did the new country of Israel come into existence?

18. Where did Israel wander in the wilderness for 40 years?

19. Which great sea of Egypt opened for Israel to cross?

20. Moses was given the law on which mountain?

21. Abraham was born in which city?

22. What was the first city that Joshua destroyed?

23. What is the name of the Land of Esau?

24. In which garden did Adam fall into sin?

25. In which garden did Jesus pray?

26. From which mountain did Jesus ascend to heaven?

27. In which great city did Daniel live?

28. Jeremiah wept over the destruction of which city?

29. Name the 4 rivers that flowed out of Eden.

30. On which mountain did the ark rest after the flood?

31. Where did the many languages begin?

32. Who is the father of the Arabic people?

33. Jonah preached in which city?

34. Which famous valley did Ezekiel see?

35. Esther became queen of which country?

36. Ruth was from which country?

37. Ruth met Boaz in which city?

38. Name 2 kings born in Bethlehem.

39. Samson fought against which people?

40. David killed Goliath in which valley?

41. Which great city did David capture?

42. Where will the last battle be fought?

43. Where is Armageddon?

44. Where did Jesus spend His childhood?

45. Which church sent Paul out as a missionary?

46. How many of Paul’s letters are named for cities?

47. Where was John when he wrote Revelation?

48. On what island did Titus ordain elders?

49. Where did Christ walk on the water?

50. Many Bible scrolls were found by which sea?

51. From where does modern Israel get 90% of its water?

52. Name 2 parts of Israel where Jesus had most of His ministry.

(Answers will be found elsewhere in this issue)


Joseph A. Teisan