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Missions Update: April 2018

Stephen & Ginger Jordan

From their blogs dated February 25 and March 6.

As we return to the Philippines, we make the transition back to village life one step at a time.

Upon our arrival back to the Philippines, we spent four days in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. During this brief time, we spent time shopping for items that we can’t usually find on our island. This usually means long rides in taxis through the Manila traffic.

Trip to the village - After a one-hour commercial flight, our family arrived back to Puerto. A few days later, Stephen, Abigail, and Luke made the three-hour road trip to our village. During their four-day visit, they attended church with the believers and painted their rooms. Moving back to the Philippines is hard for the kids as they said good-bye to their friends in the States. However, we promised them that upon our return to the Philippines they could repaint their rooms. This promise gave them something to look forward to.

Abigail chose to go with a light brown with a dark green trim. The boys decided to paint their room with a dark blue with yellow trim (for University of Michigan) and with orange trim (for Detroit Tigers). As promised, Stephen also painted the team logos on the doors.

During our time in Puerto, we have needed to do some maintenance on our vehicle and have needed to shop for everything because our kitchen cabinets in the village are empty. This is a massive order that includes everything from “A to Z”: “AA” Batteries, Baking Powder, Cream of Chicken soup, Dish soap . . . Mayonnaise, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Pasta . . . Yeast, and Ziplock bags.

On top of this, Lord willing, we will be hosting Sports Bible Camp next month. We have already purchased 82 shirts, 100 Tagalog devotionals for prizes, balls, and 2 “Most Valuable Player” trophies. Another trip to the village - During Stephen’s first visit to the village, we noticed that thousands of termites have moved into our house in our absence. Stephen already evicted a few of them, but much still needs to be done to evict the majority. Another trip to the village took place this past weekend. Stephen and Jonathan took a trip to the village to take most of our purchased supplies up. Also, Stephen needed to see if the electric water pump still works. During the first visit to the village, Stephen started the water pump, but within a few seconds he blew a fuse in the house. He thought this was due to a faulty cord. Stephen was also concerned that the pump itself was damaged. He purchased a new cord in Puerto and during this second trip tried the pump again.

Unfortunately, the fuse in the house blew again. Stephen found our “village mechanic” and he thinks the pump just needs to be cleaned from the ants that made the pump their home in our absence. So, at this time, the village mechanic is taking our pump apart and trying to clean it. We are hoping to hear if the pump works or not.

Move back to the village - Lord willing, we will very soon move back to the village. Please pray for our family as we will hit the ground running. Many repairs will need to take place to the house (evicting termites and fixing their damage), along with possibly not having running water.

Within three days of moving into the village, we will need to start our second semester of homeschooling which will be an adjustment since we were on an extended break due to our itinerant living. We will also shortly be hosting Sports Bible Camp and then kicking off Youth Group and Kid’s Bible Club.

We greatly appreciate your prayers as we make these final steps. Thank you.