Bethel Baptist Church

"For from Him and to Him and through Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen." Romans 11:36

Missions Update: August 2018

Stephen & Ginger Jordan
Ethnos 360
P.O. Box 261
5300 Puerto Princesa City
Palawan, Philippines

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

The weekend of 7/21, Stephen will be leaving Ginger and the kids to return to the village. As you may remember, upon our return to the Philippines in February we found damage to our house in the village due to termites along with trusses that have rot damage. This overdue work has been thrusted to priority as we recently found an army of termites in our library. Lord willing, during the next two weeks, Stephen along with five village men hope to:

  • Replace all the trusses and rafters in the roof over the school rooms and bathroom. This will be slow work as we hope to not take out the ceiling, which is attached to the trusses. Please pray for good weather as this is rainy season and could hamper the work.
  • Repair the wall of the library due to termite damage and re-install all the shelves.
  • Termites were also found in our kitchen cabinet. So Stephen will further inspect for termites in the kitchen.
  • Place rubber padding around our new cement slab for the basketball area. Due to the slope of the yard, we had to place a one-foot cement retaining wall around two sides of the slab. Unfortunately, two weeks ago, a village boy slipped and hit his head on this wall. We rushed him to the hospital (about a 30-minute drive from our village), he received 4 stitches, and he was thrilled to be excused from a couple days of school. As result of the accident, Stephen will be covering this wall with rubber padding.
  • Electric work. Add security lights to the rear of our house and possible new wiring in the house. These lights will also make the backyard available for volleyball playing on youth group nights.
  • Also, we have very limited internet in our house due to our remote location. Recently, another missionary recommended someone to come into our village to see if there is any way of obtaining a better connection. He will travel three hours to come to our village to assess what is possible.
  • A huge “surprise” for our kids. As it is a surprise, we can’t tell you. However, this is something our kids have been asking for.
  • And misc. other projects.

During Stephen’s absence, Ginger and the kids will be staying at our mission guesthouse. They brought all their school material and will continue to work hard. Please pray for:

  • Good weather
  • Safety for the workers
  • Safety for Stephen and the family as we are apart
  • All the above projects will be accomplished

Thank you.
Stephen and Ginger