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"For from Him and to Him and through Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen." Romans 11:36

Joe Teisan: January 2018


Since there is no way to date rock itself, geologists date the fossils found in the rock layers. Evolution is the basic assumption behind this system of dating. For example, the Trilobite was a prehistoric insect-like sea animal about the size of a large cockroach. By looking at the geological calendar or evolutionary time chart, you see the evolution of the Trilobite dated during the Cambrian Period of the Paleozoic Era, 600 to 225 million years ago. For a copy of the geological time chart resembling the rock strata with fossils see World Book Encyclopedia, “Earth, History of”, Vol. 6 (Field Enterprises).

I once asked my Historical Geology professor at Wayne State University in Detroit to tell me how the layers of rock were dated. He said, “We date the rocks by the fossils.” Then I asked him how he dated the fossils. His reply was, “We date the fossils by the rocks.” I went on to ask him if the Carbon 14 method was used in geological dating. His answer was, “The Carbon 14 method is unimportant in geology. We date the rocks by the fossils.”

Were the blankets of earth such as those seen in the Grand Canyon of Arizona with animal remains, slowly formed layer upon layer over 4 billion years, or were they quickly deposited in one year by the Flood waters told about in Genesis 6 to 9? Many Christians believe that the earth’s fossil record does not show a progression of life gradually developing from lower to higher forms, but that it is a record of sudden death imposed upon plants and animals covered and trapped in earth deposited by God’s Flood.

“Nearly all of the earth’s sedimentary rocks and their contained fossils have been deposited under moving water in stratified beds, and there are many indications that this deposition was catastrophic … It is eminently scientific and reasonable, therefore, to consider with full seriousness … that the fossil record may be in large measure a record of the effects of the Noahic flood. This was in fact, exactly the interpretation placed on the fossil record … prior to … Darwin. The philosophy of uniformity and evolution later displaced ‘flood geology’ but this was more on the basis of philosophical preference than scientific necessity.” (The Twilight of Evolution by Henry M. Morris, p. 65, Baker).

The Flood lasted one year and 10 days (Gen. 7:6, 8:13, 8:18). Fossil seashells found on the highest mountain tops prove beyond all doubts that an ocean once covered the entire earth.

Joseph A. Teisan
Bethel Baptist Sunday School