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"For from Him and to Him and through Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen." Romans 11:36

The Beacon

1. Nero and Domitian, Roman Emperors, have been killing Christians, so God breaks his long silence by unveiling His plan for Christ-haters, victorious encouraging, comforting and motivation to righteousness. It uses Old Testament imagery and symbolism to instruct believers, but to conceal the alarming warnings from enemies who would lash back in belief in Christ and unbelief. Psalms 1 and 2 are introductory,

Norman & Gwen Bowman - Global Outreach International

We returned to Spain, January 31, 2012.

We have finished our time of ministry, visits with supporting churches and families, and further training. God has abundantly blessed our time in the states. Now we returned to our home in Castelldefels, Spain, just 19 kilometers south of Barcelona.

Thank God for Sunday School teachers and children's workers. They are the unsung heroes of the Christian church, laboring week in and week out to prepare lessons and to teach young, impressionable minds and hearts about the God who is revealed to us in the Scriptures. I can remember 8 of my Sunday School teachers and 3 couples that worked with our youth groups in the church I grew up in. No doubt there are special rewards in heaven for these blessed men and women who selflessly give of their and life time in churches everywhere to teach the next generation of Christians.

It might have happened last week, or maybe last month. A conversation with a friend took an unexpected turn and the topic became God, or heaven and hell, or maybe even the definition of sin. Occasionally, when the subject gets around to spiritual things, what is our reaction? It is easy to be rather sheepish when it comes to talking about God or sin or heaven and hell, and sometimes we may even be silent. Maybe it's because we are worried about offending our friends . . . maybe we are afraid of criticism or being made fun of . . . or perhaps we don't always say something because we feel inadequate to talk about spiritual things, thinking we might be asked a question we don't know the answer to.

With spring virtually over and summer waiting in the wings, the time has come for summer projects, yard cleanup, and the routine maintenance associated with home ownership. It is amazing how well we see the truth of the Bible played out in the fact that, “moth and rust” doth certainly corrupt! The painted surface, the nicely arranged landscaping, and the shiny floor all succumb to the decline of the fall.