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"For from Him and to Him and through Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen." Romans 11:36

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How can I say, “Thanks for all you’ve done for me? Things so undeserved, yet you gave your love to me!” These words kept running through my mind as I thought about our trip to Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA for their 80th celebration last summer. They had chosen 80 alumni to represent the 80 years. I don’t know how they chose, but out of hundreds nominated, I ended up being one of the chosen.

We enjoyed a super meal at the Fess Parker Inn, where they honored the 80 of us. I’m so pleased to see that the college is still on track to honor Jesus in every way! We attended both the weekly chapel in the gym and the culminating chapel on Sunday morning.

I want to lift up my hands and say, “Thank you, Lord, for your presence in my life, giving me a super family and wife and friends, a place to serve and see your hand at work daily!” To God be the Glory!

1. Jordan River

2. Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea

3. Mediterranean

4. Asia, Africa and Europe

5. New Jersey or Vermont

6. Dead Sea, 1300 feet below sea level

1. Name the river of Israel.

2. The Jordan River connects which 2 seas?

3. Israel is located at the Eastern end of which sea?

4. Israel is a land bridge connecting which 3 continents?

5. Israel is about the size of which of our states?

6. Where is the lowest spot on earth?

Quotes from R.C. Sproul (1939-2017)

“There are only two ways of dying. We can die in faith or we can die in our sins.”

”There is no greater state than to get up from your knees knowing that God has forgiven every sin you’ve ever committed.”

“A god who is all love, all grace, all mercy, no sovereignty, no justice, no holiness, and no wrath is an idol.”

“The zealous person who promises us a life free from suffering has found his message from a source other than Scripture.”

“The day of one's birth is a good day for the believer, but the day of death is the greatest day that a Christian can ever experience in this world because that is the day he goes home, the day he walks across the threshold, the day he enters the Father's house. That is the day of ultimate triumph for the Christian in this world, and yet it is a day we fear and a day that we postpone as long as we possibly can because we don't really believe that the day of our death is better than the day of our birth.”

truth for the head . . . fire for the heart

Music and songs have long been an important part of worship among God's people. When God brought the Israelites safely across the Red Sea, Moses wrote a song, recorded in Exodus 15. Standing safely on the banks of the watery grave which contained the strongest of Egypt's warriors, the people of Israel no doubt sang this song with passion and joy and awe.

“Then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song to the LORD, and spoke, saying:

I will sing to the LORD,
For He has triumphed gloriously!
The horse and its rider he has thrown into the sea!

The LORD is my strength and song,
And He has become my salvation;
This is my God, and I will praise Him;
My father's God, and I will extol Him.”
Exod 15:2

There was music and great joy when David returned the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem in 1 Chronicles 16. With delight and gratitude the people sang: